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Anthropologie’s glam fam

anthro fam

I’m flipping through the summer 2013 Anthropologie catalog and loving that they’ve featured some family shots within.

A perfectly polished and therefore highly improbable family, but a family nonetheless. Mom sunning her legs on a blanket –oh, wait, a Fringed Cortes Tablecloth — while Dad entertains the splashing tots? Yep. Most definitely fictional. Seeing that they’re showcasing and trying to sell clothes (and apparently tablecloths as beach blankets), I suppose we’ll cut them some slack…no one’s gonna be after those white denim roll-ups if they gots cheddar bunny hand prints on ’em.

So, sarcasm on the side, I’m kinda into Perfect Little Mama’s ensemble, especially her adorable birdie blouse. Classic Anthro retro-whimsy.


Seaside Blouse

Here are some other sweet little pieces from the catalog that also caught my eye:


Sleeveless Chambray Popover


Hexprint Maxi Skirt


Duostripe Tee

denim jacket

Pilcro Denim Jacket

You can link directly to these looks on Little Dolly Mama’s Pinterest, too:

Anthropologie is pretty much my most favorite store ever. It’s one of those places where I would probably wear 97% of what they have on the floor. That said, their $58/$68/$78 and up up up pricing structure (aside from, like, amazing dresser knobs, which may be a tad cheaper) sort of foils my plans for a serious spree. However, I find that one or two classic pieces from this retailer go a long way, so if you can spring for a one-of-a-kind skirt or top, you can always sub in cheaper items to successfully complete your outfit.

I’m also a big fan of their sister store, Urban Outfitters, which is way more boho/hipster, but cheaper and still chock full of fun and super-feminine prints and silhouettes. If you can skip over the all-year-long Coachella styles (don’t think I’ll be working the lace cropped bustier anytime soon), you can definitely uncover some special things.

Anyway, kudos to Anthro for reppin’ the mamas. Your shot staging may be a bit inaccurate, but I can definitely get with the glam-fam fantasy.



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