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Anthropologie’s glam fam

I’m flipping through the summer 2013 Anthropologie catalog and loving that they’ve featured some family shots within. A perfectly polished and therefore highly improbable family, but a family nonetheless. Mom sunning her legs on a blanket –oh, wait, a Fringed Cortes Tablecloth — while Dad entertains the splashing tots? Yep. Most definitely fictional. Seeing that they’re … Continue reading

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Let’s go shopping: Mother’s Day

Hoping to do a little shopping today for a fun outfit for Mother’s Day brunch next week. Check out some of these pretty Pinterest looks that will serve as my inspiration: Also, be sure you’re following all of my boards at for a mash-up of modern aesthetic love! XO JJ Continue reading

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Keeping Botox on the back burner

DISCLAIMER: This post contains multiple Real Housewives references and various other trivialities. I’m definitely not obsessed with plastic surgery. Mainly, because I can’t afford to be. No, in all seriousness, while I’m definitely no stranger to insecurity, for the most part, I try to rock the goods I got. Small boobs can actually be sexier … Continue reading