The Mama


Yep, I’m The Mama. I’m Jordan. I’m a former full-time PR gal currently working overtime as a mom to two little boys under three. I live a beautiful and busy life with my kids and husband on the Central Coast of California, smack dab between San Francisco and L.A., where the air is clean, the people are pretty and the smiles come easy. My world is a constant teeter totter of striving to be a good mom while maintaining a steady handle on the sassy, sexy, social and self-indulgent pre-pregnancy me. Seldom do I strike a perfect balance, but I’m learning everyday how I’ll define my role as woman in this era of endless expectations for the fairer super sex. Unsurprisingly, I love to write. A well-styled outfit can get me really excited. And I’ve pretty much been obsessed with pop culture since I was wee. You’ll see a bit of all of that here. Hopefully I’ll inspire a few nods of agreement and lots of giggles.


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